Maya Zapata

Actress, producer, writer and activist. Her career begins in the cinema at the age of six in the film “Gringo Viejo”, winner of the Ariel award for best actress for her role in “De la Calle”, young and talented with more than 35 films in her career. Maya firmly believes in the power of the narrative arts to understand and enhance the social practices of our humanity. Agenda Cero Ambassador / Child Sexual Abuse.

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Luis Fernando Peña

One of the most recognized young Mexican actors of his generation. Nominated three times for the Ariel Award for the films “De la Calle”, “Perfume de Violetas” and “Amar te duele”. With more than 22 years of career in film, theater and television, and winner of the “Mayahuel y el Guerrero de la Prensa” as best actor at the Guadalajara film festival. Agenda Cero Ambassador / Positive Parenting

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Ana Patricia Rojo

Famous and beloved Mexican actress of film and theater, with an outstanding career in television, taking part in important soap operas such as “María la del Barrio”, “Esmeralda” and “El Triunfo de Vivir”. Agenda Cero Ambassador / Positive Parenting.

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Isauro Huizar

Mexican artist who, in his practice, explores mainly painting, sculpture and, recently, writing and photography. He is currently represented by the Enrique Guerrero Gallery. Agenda Cero Ambassador / Domestic Violence.

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Luz Ramos

Mexican actress with an interesting career in theater and television, known for several titles on television such as her leading role in the series “Su nombre era Dolores” and “Súbete a Mi Moto”, the band “Menudo” serie. Agenda Cero Ambassador/ Abandonment

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David Vázquez

Comedian, producer, and singer who has delighted comedy lovers for years with a wide range of styles and themes. From writing and telling jokes to impersonations of great artists and singers. Agenda Cero Ambassador / Positive parenting with values and limits.

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Mexican actress and singer, she began her career at a very young age with jazz, tap and acting classes. Her career stands out for musical theater, participation in many soap operas, television shows, and films. She has recorded different genres of music such as ballads, pop and ranchero, remembered for the hit “Nada Personal” alongside Armando Manzanero. Agenda Cero Ambassador / Gender Violence in girls and adolescents.

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Karen Peccina

Social media and Public Relations strategist interested in helping and spreading the word about the cause. Ambassador of Agenda Cero / Child Sexual Abuse.

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Enrique Chui

Mexican plastic artist, his pictorial work has been exhibited in galleries in Mexico and the world. Creator of the Brotherhood Mural on the USA / MX border wall. Director of the foundation “Fundación Internacional por una Niñez con Futuro A.C.” in Baja California. Ambassador of Agenda Cero / Positive Parenting.

Michelle González

Mexican actress, writer and producer with 10-year acting career. She has participated in television as “La Candidata” and “Cuna de Lobos”, with participation in the film “Te llevo conmigo.” She wrote, produced and acted the play “Libre” and “No apagues la luz”. Michelle aims to break the stereotypes of Mexican TV, and to normalize talking about mental health as a personal purpose. Agenda Cero Ambassador / Exploitation and violence in children with different capacities.

Raciel “El malabarista del humor”.

Within his career he has stepped on important venues such as the “Teatro Blanquita” and the “Auditorio Nacional”, awarded as a brilliant juggler nationally and internationally. His show combines amazement, humor, interaction, avant-garde and above all fun. Agenda Cero Ambassador / Positive Parenting

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