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Violence is the other pandemic that children and teenagers face every day.

Agenda Cero was born out of concern about the serious problem of insecurity that our country is going through. The high levels of violence in Mexico have significantly affected the way we live, our mental health, and our economy. Today violence costs us 4.71 trillion pesos a year (US$ 221 billion) and the issue of public safety is not resolved. We are a foundation dedicated to the prevention of violence that works with children and adolescents with the aim of building a safer Mexico.


  • We are legally constituted as Agenda Cero A.C.
  • Project “Cero Violencia a través del teatro infantil” is born in collaboration with the “Centro de Estancia Transitoria para niñas y niños” of the “Fiscalía General de Justicia” of Mexico City.
  • We join the “Pacto por la Primera Infancia” in the search to guarantee the rights of children.
  • We joined the “Red Nacional de Apoyo a OSC”.


  • We began to collaborate with “Agencia 59” of the “Ministerio Público”, of the “Fiscalía General de Justicia” of Mexico City.
  • We made an alliance with Ministerios de Amor and Quinta Carmelita, two Casas Hogar that house children and adolescents to work from our “Cero Violencia” project.
  • We collaborate with “CAFEMIN”, a care center and shelter for migrants and their families.
  • We are affiliated with the “Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía CEMEFI”.
  • We join the “Red Nacional por la Seguridad”, the “Red por la Infancia y la Adolescencia”, “Red Andrómeda” and “Alumbra, una luz contra el abuso sexual infantil”.


  • The programs “Quiero Ser”, “Conéctate”, “Descubre” and “Transforma” are born from the “Cero Violencia” project.
  • As of the pandemic, our operational programs are transformed into virtual ones to continue benefiting children and adolescents.
  • The “Sumando” program is created, where public servants of the CDMX DIF were trained, through “Conect Without Violence” training cycles. 
  • We launched our “voces” campaign that seeks to make visible the problem of child abuse in Mexico.
  • Our Managing Director Rodrigo Garher is Ayni fellow of the “Casa de Ayni” project, 3rd generation.


  • We began to collaborate with girls and adolescent women survivors of violence through our program “Quiero Ser” at “Fundación Casa Hogar Ayuda y Solidaridad con las niñas de la calle I.A.P.”.
  • The “Agenda Cero en Línea” project was created with the purpose of providing care and support to women victims of violence from a distance.
  • The “Raíces” program was born in collaboration with the “Fideicomiso del Centro Histórico” of Mexico City, aimed at working with teenagers at risk of violence.
  • We consolidated our “Sumando” program from which we trained the staff of the “Fideicomiso del Centro Histórico” of Mexico City about Human Rights and the rights of children and adolescents.
  • An organizational strengthening program is created based on a diagnosis of institutional capacities for the Agenda Cero team with the support of UN Women Mexico.
  • We launched our “#YoPorLaNiñez” campaign to make our operational programs and institutional alliances visible.

Rodrigo Garher – Founder and CEO

Leonor González García – Executive Director

Adriana Méndez Cacho – Childhood and Adolescence Area Director

Sarah Zepeda – Marketing and Communications Director

Madeleyn Villegas Hernández – Childhood and Adolescence Area Coordinator

Mariana Rodríguez Ibarra – Cognitive psychologist Jr.

Elizabeth Ramírez Mendoza – Social Psychologist Jr.

Childhood violence has negative effects on children’s self-esteem, emotional health, brain development, social relationships and future.

Rocío Morales Jiménez – Accounting Coordinator

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